Therapeutic Crisis Intervention 4 day course

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4 day course 9.30am to 4.30pm each day 

The TCI system was developed at Cornell University, New York and is now used by social care practitioners across the globe. The purpose of the TCI system is to provide a crisis reduction and intervention model for organisations that will assist in:

•    Preventing crises from occurring
•    Deescalating potential crises
•    Effectively managing acute crises
•    Reducing potential injury and actual injury to both young people and staff
•    Learning constructive ways to handle stressful situations
•    Developing a learning circle within the organisation

Module One: Crisis Prevention
•    The TCI System
•    Crisis Prevention and the Therapeutic Milieu
Module Two: Crisis as Opportunity
•    The Stress Model of Crisis: A Typical Crisis
•    Assessing the Situation
•    Knowing Ourselves
•    Knowing the Young Person
•    Managing the Environment
Module Three: De-Escalating the Crisis
•    Crisis Communication and Active Listening
•    Behaviour Support Techniques
•    Emotional First Aid
•    The Conflict Cycle
Module Four: Managing Crises
•    Managing Aggressive Behaviour
•    Nonverbal Communication
•    Elements of a Potentially Violent Situation
•    Crisis Co-Regulation
•    The Life Space Interview
Module Five: Safety Interventions (OPTIONAL)
•    Choosing a Safety Intervention
•    Safety Concerns and Documentation

Please note that the course is for professionals who wish to work in a social care setting. To comply with Cornell University, people trained in TCI must complete a refresher once every 3 to 6 months and undergo testing once every 12 months in order to remain certified

Contact & Location

09am to 05pm. 30th October 2018. Dublin, Dublin,
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This is a one day (80 hour) course


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