Social Care Risk Assessment and Management

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Risk management is an essential process for the delivery of safe high quality social care services as pointed out by HIQA (2014). The World Health Organisation describes it as a means of identifying, assessing, prioritising and controlling risks across an organisation with a coordinated and cost-effective application of resources to minimise, monitor, and control the probability and or impact of adverse events or to maximise the realisation of opportunities.      

The effective management of high-risk, situations, persons and behaviours as pointed out by Lishman (2007) is a crucial feature of most social care settings. Risk management is a process of clearly defined steps which maintain better decision making by imparting a greater insight into the risks and their impacts. The main focus of risk management should be on managing risks effectively rather than viewing risk management as an isolated operation. Social Care Training Ireland has used its vast experience within the social care field to put together a course that will assist practitioners with the assessment of risk within their organisation.

Risk analysis is defined as “the systematic process to understand the nature of and deduce the level of risk”. The risk assessment training will include group discussion on how risk impacts on all individuals daily and explore any concerns around the topic. Participants will also get time to practice filling out pre-admission risk assessments and impact risk assessments. The risk assessment training will provide participants with a broader understanding of the importance of risk assessment and the importance of recognising that risk assessments are there to support, rather than replace your professional judgement.

Course Content

  • —What is risk?
  • How do we identify risks?
  • Ways to gather information
  • Formulating the risk
  • Analysing the risk
  • Evaluation of risk

Assessment and Management of Risk

  • Pre-Admission Risk Assessments
  • Impact Risk Assessments
  • Risk Management Cycle
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Risk Assessment for Self-Injury/Suicide

Certification: Social Care Training Ireland Certificate in Risk Assessment and Management

Contact & Location

10am to 01pm. 4th April 2018. Naas Kildare, Naas,
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This is a one day (4 hour) course


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