Creating Boundaries (WEBINAR)

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This course is for people working in the area of social care who have everyday interaction with colleagues and service users.  This course provides guidance for professionals to create boundaries early in the relationship, setting clear limitations for themselves and others.  It will also create awareness and give best practice advice for participants to be mindful of during their working day.  This in turn creates a sense of safety for all, and ensures the service user is receiving the consistent, high quality care they require to meet their needs.

This course will include practical exercises and scenarios relevant to the participant's role.

This course can be adapted to meet the individual needs of your organisation.

This course can be delivered in a classroom setting or via webinar.  The content includes:

  • What are professional boundaries?
  • Why are professional boundaries important?
  • Setting appropriate boundaries.
  • What happens if we don’t set boundaries?
  • Signs of boundary breaches.
  • Responding to boundary breaches
  • Safeguarding

Participants will:

  • ​Place value on the importance of professional boundaries.
  • Be more confident in setting boundaries with service users.
  • Be able to recognise actions that may cause uncertainty in the relationship between themselves and the service user.
  • Know what actions to take if there is a sign of a boundary breach.

Contact & Location

10am to 01pm. 16th August 2022. Online, ,


This is a one day (3 hour) course


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