Professional Supervision Skills for Social Care Managers & Leaders (WEBINAR)

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This Supervision training course has been developed to support managers/leaders to provide effective supervision to practitioners that is both challenging and enabling.

The training has been devised from research, practice knowledge and a number of colleagues work over a period of several years in order to give the participant an empowering knowledge of supervision which will develop organisational and cultural change.  

The training focuses on the developments related to supervision in social care in Ireland. The course clearly highlights supervision as an effective tool for continual development in organisations, particularly within the realm of Social Care.



Certification: Social Care Training Ireland Certificate in Professional Supervision Training for Social Care Managers and Leaders (valid for two years)

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This course is held via Webinar and participants will receive all details a few days before the course commences.

Course Outline

  • Definition of Supervision – an exploration of understanding
  • Company Policy and Procedure
  • National Standards and the Requirements
  • What is the Dual focus of Supervision?
  • The need for Supervision relative to Organisational objectives, Personal Development and Client Centeredness
  • Responsibility & Accountability
  • The Different types of Supervision (Formal/Informal/Peer/Group/Individual)
  • Roles & their Responsibilities
  • Strengths Based Focus
  • Accountability
  • Kolb’s Supervision cycles
  • Morrison & O’Neill’s Supervision knowledge & theories
  • Practical Exercises & Workshops

The Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will gain a higher level of knowledge relative to supervision as a form of personal, team and organisational support and development
  • Participants will understand that supervision is a formal and informal process and therefore in their practices will understand that supervision occurs all the time
  • Participants will return to their organisations with the awareness of their own and the organisation’s responsibilities in relation to supervision
  • The organisation will benefit from the cycle of development encouraged through supportive supervision for staff and management
  • The process of Supervision for the organisation will be simplified and the processes involved clarified

Contact & Location

10am to 03pm. 9th September 2022. online, ,


This is a one day (5 hour) course


SCTI Certificate of Attendance