Understanding and Working with Attachment Issues

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Infants are not born attached to their parents. Attachment relationships emerge over time and in association with interactions between infants and primary caregivers. In ordinary circumstances, as outlined by Colby Pearce (2009), the infant shows clear evidence of having learnt that they can selectively trust and depend on their caregivers by the time they are eight months old. 

Social Care Training Ireland have developed a training course aimed at helping practitioners to build an understanding of the importance of attachment and the issues that can arise when working with individuals who have not developed a secure attachment to their caregivers. Through the facilitator’s experiences of working with children who have had a wide range of issues with attachment, Social Care Training Ireland are offering a training course which is research based but also derived from hands on experiences of working with children within social care.


“The biological function of attachment is survival; the psychological function is to gain security” (Schaffer 2004). As outlined by Simpson and Rholes (2015), the development of social competence is fundamental for navigating relationships effectively. Bowlby believed that supportive and responsive interactions between parents, guardians or carers and their children are crucial for the development of social competence. The Allen Report (2011) and the Marmot Review (2010) advocate that parents and key professionals need to have the understanding and knowledge of how to build social and emotional capability within children and therefore empower individuals to break inter-generational cycles of dysfunction and underachievement. This training is designed to assist practitioners in that process.

Certification: Social Care Training Ireland Certificate in Understanding and Working with Attachment Issues


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Course objectives

  • Explore attachment theory (Bowlby, Ainsworth etc.)
  • Discuss different types of attachments
  • Explore the different characteristics of children and young people with attachment issues
  • Discuss the effects of attachment disorder on children and young people
  • Develop and understanding of attachment
  • Explore appropriate interventions to assist practitioners working with children and young people with attachment issues.

Following the training, practitioners will have:

  • Gained an understanding of attachment through the exploration of theory
  • Explored and discussed different types of attachment
  • Developed the skill to recognise the different characteristics of children and young people with attachment disorders
  • Discussed the effects of attachment disorder  
  • Explored possible interventions to assist them when working with children and young people with attachment disorder   

Contact & Location

10am to 04pm. 14th January 2020. Dublin, Dublin,
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This is a one day (6 hour) course


SCTI Certificate of Attendance