Restrictive Practice

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Restrictive practices are any type of support or practice that limits the rights or freedom of movement of a person. There are many different types of restrictive practice, including; seclusion, chemical restraint, physical restraint.

Sometimes in our care setting, restrictive practices are implemented to ensure the safety of the service user and others around them. Service providers must ensure that they follow the guidelines in place to introduce a restrictive practice; “because restrictive procedures may be necessary at some time in a residential service, there must be clear arrangements in place to ensure that these procedures are always legitimate, safe and minimal.” (HIQA, 2016).

It is also important for service providers to look at other ways of supporting the service user and reducing restrictive practices.

Course Outline

1. What is Restrictive Practice?

2. Current Developments and the role of the service provider.

3. Restrictive Interventions.

4. Rights of the service user.

5. Reducing Restrictive Practice.

To develop awareness regarding restrictive practice.

To gain an insight into why organisations use restrictive practice

To understand the guidelines for implementing a restrictive practice

To give participants confidence in reducing restrictive practice.

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10am to 02pm. 19th November 2019. Naas, Kildare,
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This is a one day (4 hour) course


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