Self Care for Social Care Practitioners

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Due to the high level of stress associated with the role, this training is a necessity for every social care practitioner. Individuals need to be able to recognise work related stress and burnout before it starts to impact negatively on their daily life. It is important that social care practitioners have a self-care plan and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to deal with stress and burnout in a healthy way. This course will provide the participant with self care tools, tips and resources and help each individual to devise a self-care plan that will work for them.

* Introduction to Self Care in Social Care.

* Self Awareness.

* Work Related Stress & Burnout.

* Self Care Tools.

* Your Self Care Plan.

* Employee Rights.

This course includes group discussion and practical exercises, including scenarios relevant to the learner’s line of work.

* Learners will be more self aware of their own feelings and needs as a social care worker.

* Learners will be able to recognise work related stress and burnout.

* Learners will be equipped with tools to respond to work related stress and burnout.

* Learners will be more knowledgeable about resources that are available for self care purposes.

* Learners will receive guidance on developing their individual Self Care Plan.

* Learners will be informed of up to date employee rights that are relevant to the role of social care practitioner.

Contact & Location

10am to 04pm. 13th June 2019. Bridge House Hotel Tullamore, Bridge St,
Offaly (0)


This is a one day (6 hour) course


SCTI Certificate of Attendance