Studio 3 (3 day)

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Studio lll is a specialist research and training Organisation whose aim is to provide high quality training in the specialist field of Managing aggressive and violent Behaviour.

Studio lll Training Systems provides a non-aversive approach to challenging behaviour.

The majority of our work is designed to promote the management of challenging Behaviour in a non-violent, gentle and dignified way by the use of low-arousal techniques and gentle physical skills

Day 1: Philosophy of Studio lll training systems and the Management of Challenging Behaviour:

During day one you will explore challenging Behaviour and the context in which these behaviour occur and are managed.

Day 2: Passive avoidance training:

A number of non-aversive methods of managing physical behaviors are taught. Simple physical movements designed to reduce the risk of injury to staff and individuals within their care.

These focus on the management of some of the more common physical Behaviour that may present.

Day 3: Studio lll Walk-around Restraint

You will be taught a non-aversive physical restraint method, the rationale for its use and design will be discussed.

· To increase staff confidence in the management of challenging Behaviour

· To instill the principles and benefits of working with a non-aversive framework

· To demonstrate the importance and understanding of how our Behaviour can effect others behaviour

· To be provided with the skills to diffuse challenging situations, with the aim of negating the need for physical intervention

· To be provided with ( a better understanding of some of the causes of challenging behaviour, to help view service users in a more positive way.

· To become aware of the importance of working within the law, and the need for and importance of policies.

· To emphasize the importance of de-briefing after incidents

· To emphasize the importance of attending refresher training

· To be provided with a range of verbal and physical intervention skills which are safe and acceptable to both staff and service users.

Contact & Location

09am to 04pm. 11th December 2019. Social Care Training Ireland, Tullow Street,
Carlow (R93 NV06)


This is a one day (55 hour) course


SCTI Certificate of Attendance